1000 Ton Deadlift Challenge 2018

1. The event has been organized as sport entertainment. Great vibes and positive emotions are guaranteed.

Our recommendation: the presence of on-site activities of medical personnel during the challenge.
2. Front Squat are the main movement of this event. 
Please, see standards of the Front Squat:
The movement starts with barbell on the ground
Rep counts when:

  • Barbell is in the rack position
  • Elbows are in front of the bar
  • Knees and hips are fully extended
  • Feet are placed in one line
  • Athlete reach a depth «below parallel» in the bottom position — crease of the hip is below the top of the knee


Rep doesn’t count when:

  • Barbell is not in a rack position
  • Knees and hips are not fully extended
  • Feet are not placed in one line
  • Athlete not squating below parallel in the bottom position
  • Barbell has dropped off before full body extension

3. The result is the sum weight lifted by all participants.
4. The task of the box is to get the heaviest lift score in 1 hour time.
5. The participants can choose a 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 kg barbell.
We expect that all attempts will be performed on the 7 barbells at the same time. However, some weight can be neglected, depending on the level, quantity and desire of the athletes.
Usage of more than 7 barbells in one box or barbell of weight, which wasn`t mentioned, is prohibited.
6. The number of participants from one box is not limited.
7. The number of attempts by 1 participant in hour time is not limited.
8. The sequence and strategy should be discussed before the start of the competition in terms of all the rules and conditions.
9. Challenge has to be completed before 10th of the January 2017. The exact date of Challenge has to be chosen by the box itself.
10. To all the boxes, hosting the event we recommend the following:
A) To choose a person, responsible for registration of the participants. Full name of participant has to be put into the database, so it can generate a personal number. For the quick inputting of the results into the protocol, we advise to put on number (stick or write) on athlete when he or she performs the Challenge.
B) To select a judge, who will be looking after the safety and technique of performance, and who will be in charge of scaling down the weight of some participants in case of unsafe performance.
C) To select an administrator, who will be responsible for inputting the numbers of participants, and registering performed weight and number of reps into the electronic protocol.
D) To provide timer or screen to be able to see the countdown.
11. The participant, having performed the attempt comes to the administrator, says his or her number, barbell`s weight and number of reps. Afterwards, the electronic protocol will count the total score of the box itself.
12. We accept any other ways of counting the result, if in the end it will show the total score of the box and impact of each participant into that.
13. In addition, we would like to ask you to record the video of the challenge and take a group picture, so we can make a video about this event.
14. For the result to be submitted, you need to upload the video and your score through the special form on the website.
15. The final leaderboard will be announced soon after inputting all the results.
16. The prizes from the Sponsors of 1000 Ton Front Squat Challenge 2017 will be given to the boxes with the highest score and uploaded video (please, see video requirements below)*.
17. All results must be submitted before 10th of the January 2017.
* If you do it just for fun and not interested in getting a prize, or just not in the mood to worry about the video, then you can just submit your score and you will be on the leaderboard anyway, so you still can get all the emotions competing and joint respect.

18. The organizing club, participating in 1000 Ton Clean Challenge, is responsible for the event.

Video requirements.
1. Side angle.
2. Full body view in the period of the Challenge.
3. You can use up to 3 cameras.
4. At least 2 barbells per shot.
5. Next to the barbell there has to be a plate with the barbell`s weight (it can be on the floor, on the wall etc., but the number has to be seen clearly)
6. Every 10 minutes in the shot must appear a person to announce how much time has passed.
7. Shot has to go without the breaks and montage.
You must have Excel protocol and be ready to provide it upon request of Event`s organizations:

Excel protocol

Our partners: